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The unofficial web app for O'Reilly's Data Science Salary Model


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e.g. if you work in Iowa, you'd input 52800, because the GDP per capita is about $52,800

How would you rate your bargaining skills? 1 being poor, 5 being excellent

How it works

Data Scientist Salary Predictor is a web application that predicts the salary of your data science job, given your skills, location, and role. It is based on O'Reilly's Data Science Salary Model.

O'Reilly's Data Science Salary Model is a multiple regression model created from almost 1000 survey responses. This web app uses the coefficients of the multiple regression model, which are provided in the report, to automatically calculate a predicted salary number, given inputs. The R-squared of the model is about 0.75, so there is still a lot of variance in salary that is unexplained by this model, e.g. from factors like competence and quality of work.

Like always, just because there is a relationship between two variables does not mean that one variable causes the other. For example, you might notice that more time spent in meetings is correlated with a higher salary. But filling your calendar with meetings (without changing anything else) is unlikely to result in a raise.